What the heck is DartBoston anyway?

DartBoston is a community of ambitious young entrepreneurs and professionals in Boston helping one another make awesome things happen.  Founded in March of 2009 on Dartmouth St. (hence the name), DartBoston has grown into a 1000+ member organization and produced more than 75 events.

With press mentions in the Boston Globe, Boston Business Journal, Mass High Tech, and Xconomy, DartBoston has become one of the leading resources for young entrepreneurs to connect in New England.

If you are interested in meeting some of Boston’s brightest connectors and innovators, join DartBoston today.

Meet the Team

Alexa Scordato


In a lot of ways, I function as the social CTO of DartBoston (and resident lovecat). I implemented this site and make sure that all is running smoothly on a regular basis. This means making sure that Jake is tweeting, Cort is properly inserting thumbnails into his posts and all our podcasts sound just as good as Leo Laporte’s.

I currently reside in New York and work at an exciting education startup.  We deliver high quality online degrees that include the MAT@USC, MSW@USC, Nursing@Georgetown, and MBA@UNC. I believe that in today’s world, business is personal and that our friends are often our best professional allies. I’m incredibly thankful to have a wonderful support team who helps me work through ideas, offers counsel when I need it, and is just as passionate about changing the world as I am.  The journey is just getting started. I’m looking forward to seeing where all this leads and whose paths we’ll cross down the road.  Questions? Want to know event *more* about who I am and what I do? Stalk me.

Cort Johnson

cortI’m Cort (short for Cortlandt; yes there is a ‘t’ at the end of my name) and I’m living the dream (for now on quite a small budget). I love working with other passionate people on start up projects and am currently working on the company BloggerOffer.

As a die hard Buffalo Bills fan I have developed an enduring sense of optimism (With a new coaching staff the Bills are going to win the Super Bowl this season!) and believe all of my projects are going to have a big and positive impact!

I have noticed over my short life that everyone has ideas but only a small fraction of us will ever execute them.   My vision with DartBoston is to bring together the most passionate and energetic young professionals and entrepreneurs in Boston so we can work together to create successful companies.

If you have any questions about Dart or need help getting in touch with anyone in the startup community feel free to get in touch.

twitter: Cortlandt
email: cort [at] dartboston [dot] com

Jake Cacciapaglia


Opportunities and ideas are all around us, but only great teams succeed. I’m on a mission is to build high growth, fast moving startup with a team that does things no one thought possible.

I joined the RunKeeper team in May 2010 and we are on a mission to turn consumer health on its head.

I’m comfortable when things are chaotic, free is my favorite word,  Google is my go-to, and 5 hours is a good night’s sleep, though I like to get more.  I don’t need coffee to keep my mind stimulated.  DartBoston is all about building relationships and solid teams.  We’re all about creating genuine connections and encourage high-potential young people to explore big ideas.  Whether it is a concept or an early stage business, I love being surrounded by the people who are committed to making shit happen.

If you want to chat, reach me via Twitter at @JakeCacci.

Victoria Song

Excited to be the newest addition to DartBoston where I run Dart Dinners.

I love bringing together the brightest and hardest-working entrepreneurs from across all the startup communities in MA for a night of tasty food, drinks, and fantastic company. Since the first dinner I organized, we’ve added hundreds of new faces to the DartBoston community, as 90% of our new friends at Dart Dinner have never been to a Dart event. This is my mission for Dart Dinner– to continue to bring out all the amazingly talented young and aspiring-entrepreneurs to meet with other passionate individuals who can help them build their vision.

Whether you need help recruiting your team, finding mentors, connecting with investors, or want more education on how to successfully start-up, and pitch to investors, I’m more than happy to make it happen for you. Not only because I love doing it, but it’s actually my job (lucky me!) to work with passionate entrepreneurs and help turn your business idea into a reality at Flybridge Capital Partners.

To get inside my thoughtiverse, check out my blog and connect with me on Twitter @VICTORIAeSONG.

Ben Israelite

I am a start-up enthusiast, gumby rock climber, adventure seeker, future entrepreneur, avid chef and live music junkie.  In my spare time I am Manager of Investor Relations at Castile Ventures, an early-stage technology VC firm in Boston.

I got involved in DartBoston by attending a family dinner hosted by Yifei in the Fall of 2010.  I arrived knowing no one and left feeling as though the start-up scene in Boston was ripe for disruption.  Little did I know that Jake and Cort were already hundreds of miles ahead of me.

I look forward to working with the rest of the Dart crew to concoct and catalyze new/crazy ways to help revamp and revitalize the Boston start-up scene.

I am always down to meet new people and talk about anything/everything.  Please don’t hesitate to hit me up.

Twitter: @BenIsraelite
Email: ben@castileventures.com