DartTalks: Can Insurance and Benefits Companies Drive Product Distribution? with Trapper Markelz of MeYou Health

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Product traction is a major goal of any startup.  For many companies who build products in the health or wellness space, the idea of partnering with an insurance or benefits company may seem like a great opportunity to acquire users.  Creating these partnerships however are very time consuming and if done improperly, can bear little fruit.

In this month’s DartTalk we spoke with Trapper Markelz, head of product at MeYou Health, to discuss the experiences he’s had distributing products through his parent company, Healthways.

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Hi Cort, are there any notes on what was said at this talk? I am looking at insurance and benefits providers as a possible distribution channel for Redstar and would love to see what thoughts were! Thx – Gemma


Hi Gemma, I just uploaded the video from the talk. I hope you enjoy it! – Cort

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